If you have made decision you will probably soon come to regret of moving to Yangshuo then you will need to be finding yourself a place to live, and alas this is a little bit harder than just going online and finding a place. Here’s our top tips to finding a house to rent in Yangshuo.

Location, location, location

Probably the most deluxe place to live in Yangshuo is City and City which can cost up to RMB 4000, but you are in town. Sadly they require 3 months upfront, most of which you will never see again. A decent 1-bedroom slightly out of town would cost around RMB 1500, whilst a 2-bed would knock you back RMB 1500-2500. Alternatively, if you want to live a life of abject poverty there are really bad rooms with en-suite bathrooms for RMB 500-600 a month, but they truly are not very nice.

Moving to the countryside, on the other hand, can be really cheap, with whole buildings up for grabs for a few grand, or single rooms for a batshit-crazy RMB 200 even. To do this you will need some local contacts, or to go driving around on a bike looking for phone numbers.

Get accommodation provided for you

If you study Chinese, or work at one of the schools like Omeida, they will often provide accommodation for you. Again not exactly great, but doable as a stopgap.

Be prepared to negotiate

In most places you should expect to negotiate, but in Yangshuo it is particularly prevalent due to the rip-off nature of people. If you don’t speak Chinese, get someone to help you.

Be prepared to lose your deposit

In my many years of living in China I have found most landlords to very reasonable with deposits, but not in Yangshuo. Deposits for houses in Yangshuo generally get treated as a little bonus for the landlord, so insist on not paying more than one month up-front (many will insist on 3 months), and be prepared to lose your deposit.

Join local groups

In China the “groups” weapon of choice is on WeChat, if you befriend a local get them to invite you into the Yangshuo Locals chat, and ask around about available houses. The huge flow of people in Yangshuo means there are usually places available periodically.

That was our guide to renting a house in Yangshuo. Do you have a wrong opinion that’s different to ours? We’d love to hear from you.