Karst Landscape

The main thing to do in Yangshuo is to see the scenery. This is best done by motorbike or bicycle, with the former costing 100 per day, and the latter pennies. If you do rent a bike always pre-empt them ripping you off, and take photos of the bike so you don’t get blamed for random damage.

Take a bamboo boat

Grab a few friends (you’re on your own here), negotiate like hell, get some beers and spend the afternoon sailing down the Yulong. Don’t pay more than a few hundred RMB.

Go Climbing

How do you know if someone is a climber? They tell you. Lots of climbing opportunities in Yangshuo; hit up the Rusty Bolt to meet people talking about climbing, fighting for the cheapest beer and telling super interesting stories about climbing.

Go to Xingping

You can get to Xingping by bus, taxi, or motorbike. This is like old-school Yangshuo, with much fewer people trying to rob you at every corner. Very old-towny with it being a ghost town after 10. Go to the exact spot where they took the picture for a 20 Yuan bill for a photo op, but better still really confuse the locals by holding up two tens.

Learn taiji (Tai Chi)

If you are a vegan Buddhist it is possible to learn the world’s silliest martial art, with there being scores of well-known schools (check out our expat section).  Alternatively, if you need something more substantial than dancing your way out of a fight, then man up and learn Kung-Fu (there are also a few schools).

Sit in an expat bar and talk about the old days

Expat bars and restaurants are closing down at alarming rates in Yangshuo. This sadly leaves the very expensive bars of West Street and about 4 surviving “bars”. If you go to one of the surviving bars, a fun activity is to listen to the few customers talk about the old days, whilst the surly staff act surly because they’re the only bars in town. A definite must when in Yangshuo.

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