Welcome to the Yangshuo Guide

Yángshuò (阳朔): probably the most iconic of all Chinese tourist towns, the first backpacker haven, and iconic beauty so outstanding they put it on the back of a 20-yuan bill. Yangshuo is the poster child for tourism in China.

In the daytime, Yangshuo is awash with Chinese tour groups and cycling westerners, before coming alive at night with the rowdy Xijie (West Street) being home to many (expensive) rowdy pole dancing nightclubs, as well as secret Westerner-friendly rooftop gems from where to see the lit-up karst peaks.

Previously one of the coolest places to visit – or live – in China, Yangers (as the surviving expat crowd likes to call it) is way past its prime.

Here’s the most honest guide there is to living and working in Yangshuo.

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